Sunday, January 9, 2011


Technology enhance piracy, in those days when where it was just tape recorder in producing and selling this music and the issue of piracy was at a low level, if u try to pirate that type of recorder player, the new pirated copy producesWhite Noise and therefore causing it to be very unpleasant to listen to, and technology has brought about cd player which made piracy on the cd more because its stored in a binary beat which is makes it easy to record , duplicate as well as pirate, and thereby most people are not interested in the buying original cd, wen they can as well duplicate or burn the cd,

Technology even so advanced, to the era of hosting music online, video streaming, file sharing and as sure the society are not interested in patronizing the music artist and also the most artist are interested in getting quick fame and getting more fans

Music piracy will continue to pose a challenge in our society. Legislation will find hard to put a complete stop to piracy. if they work against file sharing through You tube, limewire e.t.c can they really go further to stop email file sharing, Cd borrowing or lending to a friend to burn a copy; this I strongly doubt and contend with because emails will then not be a thing of privacy but left to the fate of legislation to run a check of music files that is being shared via emails or keep questioning original music CD owners who they have lent their music CD's too. This I am sure won't yield a fruitful result.

The legislative have try their best all the same to stop piracy by implementing the various laws and apprehending the guilt but still one question need to be asked "Is this really enough to stop piracy? Because as technology is evolving there would also be ways in which people by pass, this laws even if they have been able to apprenhend some guilty ones. Found an interesting thing on the internet which the author, Jeevan Jaisingh, says he has strategies for recording companies to stop piracy.

I also believe that judging by the measures the legislation want to put in place, there wont be "one voice" such that some musicians might see file sharing as quick gain to fame while others might see feel the heat of piracy knocking them down as such the legislation might take a step back to ensure that the fight to end piracy is a worthy one and beneficial to all.

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