Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Having seen and read china’s daily report, it was believed that internet users in china rose more than 50% than the whole US population and it was sanctioned by the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Centre).  China has since seen a rapid expansion of internet popularity since 1994 when it was connected to the internet and became one of the biggest online population said Wang Chen, Head of china’s state council information office on 30th December 2010 at a press conference. I know that china’s internet dominance is really a fast growing one in our world today because there so many Chinese people surfing the internet via mobile phones and use of other gadgets, this is so because surfing the web through mobile phone jumped from 29.6% over 2009 to 303million.
This rapid increase in the rate at which the internet is being used in china will lead to an increase in the growth of their culture, technology, business, resources and help share this with the rest of the world, which has also been noticed with the Indian community with the boom in their movies, technology and medical sector.  This large internet use will also make business more efficient for china and will make them a force to reckon with in the world at present. All this is not to say it will be easy, but will be faced with certain challenges.
There has been a massive expansion in the use of the internet through mobile devices and this seems to have become a bother to the government because they have less control of the way news and information is disseminated. The government is looking for ways to control this information by following the procedures taken by countries like India and Indonesia, whereby they have cracked down on the use of smartphones to surf the internet. Since tencent is the shining example of the success of Chinese internet operations. In trying, to curb to the situation of dominance of the surfing of the internet by the Chinese population, enemies may be made along the line like Tencent services which powers communication through text among handsets.
There is also the case of people’s privacy on the internet due to the large influx of internet users not only through mobile devices, but also through other media. China though having expanded a lot in the use of the internet needs to invest more in internet security before they become victims of international hacking activities.

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