Sunday, December 12, 2010

Invasion of my Privacy- Pop ups

Online privacy issues has been a very big issue in recent year, due to the introduction of new and developing technology, the fact that as far technology would keep developing frequently, there would also be an issue on the invasion of privacy. Now about online privacy and cookies. The U. S . Federal trade Commission has provided a framework for consumers, businesses, and policymaker.

And my main concern, also as Prof. Miyazaki rightly mentioned in his blog, on the issue of  "How much culture of privacy protection can a firm truly build since one main objective of the firm is to invade privacy in other to facilitate more effective targeting".
I also commend the issue of "Do not track" mechanism, because i have been a victim of invasion of privacy or rather am still a victim, Because the pop ups comes to your screen at an inappropriate time, its intrusive, and really doesn't offer anything new.

The issue has been on for a while, the Solution to the issue is left in the hands of the Policy Makers, In recent year they have been back lashes on consumer protection by the European directives on the U.S Trade Commission and they created a safe harbor polcy for the United State firms to operate in European Union, and which enables the consumers to OPT OUT, similarly to the "Do not track" Mechanism. An their Privacy Law are really different from the united states and this has really brought various clashes and argument. In essence for this solution would always remain with the policy makers and the industry as frank rightly mentioned in his blog.


  1. I do agree with you on the fact that the solution lies on the hands of the policymakers but I would also say that it's in our hands as well. We all need to be aware and try to protect ourselves from certain sites that can damage our surfing the web experience, just like it happened for you.We should try to protect each other and support some of the propositions that the policymakers place out there. Just an opinion in any case.

  2. I thin its a great opinion brought up by Mr Suniaga. If you think about it, everything we do now, site's we visit, social networking, we are all engaging ourselves in privacy risk. protection against spreading information; Facebook has stated that sharing information or advertisement about companies/products is considered as privacy invasion. by protecting yourself in engaging in a lot of file and information sharing you are avoiding yourself from privacy invasion.