Sunday, December 5, 2010


Groupon has been one viable company that has made the group discounting available to the masses. Groupon has not only helped buyer get great deals but also help the seller/business owner to boost their revenue to an unexpected level.
But Groupon is 2 sides to the coin for me,
Firstly, The fact that i could get good deals for something i really want is interesting and
Second side to the coin is the fact that i open my email and see some unnecessary groupon coupon been bombarded in there, really puts me off.

Not to say that the fact that Groupon's growth have been mersely amazing that the search giant google would want to offer groupon $6billion dollar for the acquistion of the company which was rejected, and i keep thinking is Groupon worth the amount google offered or better, while searching for answer i came across an article which analyzed the decision made by Groupon. Is Groupon a bad deal? The article states that google would overspending if the deal had go through, that there are other far cheaper.

Further articles which analyzed the viability of Groupon investments and possible reasons. Groupon rejects $6 billion offer from Google

Now the question is Why the Groupon reject the offer presented by Google,
All i come up with through research is that
1. Groupon feels that they have a better chance of been an independent company rather than selling, so they want to go public.
2. They also feel they are worth more than what they are getting that in future years they probably be better off without Google.

Finally, my point is that Groupon is a viable company and as far as people always want discount they would always be viable in providing their customers in discount needed.

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